Genetics is the key of life

Most Websites on Genetics focus on family trees - who cares really - what you need is medical grade inexpensive Genetic information and analysis.  This site is going to bring you deep interesting science Genetic and historical facts and information.  It may be an odd place to start but go watch the PBS  documentary "Dog Tales" because it truly illustrates the depth of the DNA issues even for humans.  See

Dating??  Thinking about marriage and family?? Want an intelligent healthy child?? Medical issue no one can figure out??  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends in their article Carrier Screening in the ⁠Age of Genomic Medicine, “All patients who are considering pregnancy or are already pregnant, regardless of screening strategy and ethnicity, should be offered carrier screening for cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy, as well as a complete blood count and screening for thalassemias and hemoglobinopathies.

Fragile X premutation carrier screening is recommended for women with a family history of fragile X-related disorders or intellectual disability suggestive of fragile X syndrome, or women with a personal history of ovarian insufficiency. Additional screening also may be indicated based on family history or specific ethnicity.”

Carrier screening should ideally be performed before pregnancy because couples learn about reproductive risks. It also gives them a chance to consider reproductive options, including if they should become pregnant and if they do if there are any preventive treatments for genetic disorders. 

An unpredictable genetic sleeper is lukemeia.  See

Then a full genome genetic sequence analysis should be in the cards for you.  Medical insurance might even pay for it if ordered by a physician.  Like it or not human breeding is no different from dog or any other animal breeding.  See first

There are well over 6,000 known genetic disorders, and new genetic disorders are constantly being described in medical literature. More than 600 of these disorders are treatable. Around 1 in 50 people are affected by a known single-gene disorder, while around 1 in 263 are affected by a chromosomal disorder

 For instance people with Neanderthal DNA are more susceptible to COVID-19 and it has a greater chance of killing them.  See  More concerning is SARS-CoV-2 may actually be a wild gene therapy virus with wild unpredictable results.  See  See and

neanderthal skull and human

Neanderthal skull left, human skull right - modern humans with without Neanderthal DNA have "vertical" foreheads - and usually larger ones than in this pic above.  Since most Caucasian people have Neanderthal DNA lineage it is rare to find  one without the slanted forehead; however when you look to the Native African population - which has almost NO Neanderthal DNA - because Caucasians did not breed with them, they mostly have the "vertical" forehead feature.  One thing about the Neanderthal DNA - it is more aggressive in the thinking department and gets angered and agitated more easily, and they tend to want to steal as they unable to largely think for themselves. This is the problem seen today as more and more females wanted to breed with the bigger men not realising what they were Genetically doing to their coming offspring.

Neanderthal DNA could make you unhappy, antisocial and aggressive and so it is not something really desired by most persons who want to raise a family.  Look before you leap..  See this Newsweek article  This Neanderthal issue is much bigger than you think. See genetics

Genetic research into brain makeup is a very young field of the gene sciences.  However it is known things like Autism, aggression, alcoholism, gullibility Alzheimer's and skin cancer tendencies are genetic.  There is even the woman who along with at least 30 others were duped by a fraudulent sperm donor profile and "bought" genetic autism for her children buying "hot" donor (alleged handsome man) sperm for her lesbian lifestyle to start a family.  In the end her partner left her and the nightmare of the autistic children.  See

Soon gene therapy may be used to actually let the human heart repair itself  See The Greenland has this and lives to be over 500 years old.  See

IF you are considering a family, better than a "pre-nup" is a full genome genetic sequence analysis.  It will reveal things like the MAOA "warrior gene" which may save domestic violence before it happens by staying clear and identify potential offspring issues as well, medical and mental.  See

Neanderthal DNA is still around heavily in America, because of how it migrated across Europe interbreeding and then England emptied its jails and sent them to America in the 16 and 1700's when America was being settled.  The Neanderthal DNA does not have a composition of the genes for intelligence in the brain.  They usually argue and fight first and can see no common sense to stop and think another way.  Sound familiar - well it is because they are all around in the US.

The characteristic sloping back and flattened forehead with suspected Neanderthal DNA is as recognizable as is Downs or Williams syndrome - only a Full Sequence can tell for sure  (this pic is a Boxer who needed his nose fixed after so many fights - this is the "after" pic in profile - face intentionally wiped)  See also

Genetic tests are carried out for three main purposes in reproductive medicine: the identification of the infertility causes, identification of genetic diseases transmissible to offspring, and optimization of the assisted reproductive technology.


A Neanderthal DNA Baby . . maybe . . . it has the sloping forehead . . . only a full sequence can tell for sure

Another benefit to having a full sequence copy of your genome while is if get a wild gene therapy virus you can in theory compare your previous healthy DNA and have a good chance of knowing what to fix.  Gene Therapy has already cured Sickle Cell Anemia..  See…

While you may not want an insurance company to know what makes you tick or not, currently they cannot discriminate for a pre-existing condition, similarly if one goes forward and creates a scenario that medical science knows will create a need for coverage that is  uncharted territory largely.  Still the woman above who bought the autism nightmare likely would not have.  With this lab you can start small and upgrade for more extensive analysis later. 

Do yourself a favour, get a full genome sequence and any partner you are looking for a future with.

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